Friday, January 8, 2010

Kids Noteboard

I love this board in our cubby area. (Sorry about the lighting-its under our stairs)

Instead of a "white" board I found an old window paine at a antique store (for $20.00) and painted it and then I get to use the dry erase markers to write notes or important dates for each of the kids. I labeled their name in each section with vinyl.

Underneath it I cut a piece of molding to match the length of the window, put hooks on it and then hung clipboards for all the "school papers". It has worked great. If they ever do lose something I just ask "did you put it on your clipboard?"
And to decorate the clipboards I let them paint them how ever they wanted. It was a great craft project time.
The great thing about this idea is it would be really cute in an office.

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  1. Cute idea!!! thanks for sharing!

  2. Heather that is such a cute idea. I think I need to do it. I have really enjoyed your posts on here.

  3. very cute. I like how you used a window instead of buying a white board.

  4. LoVe this idea too!!! Very CreaTiVe!!

  5. See ladies? Isn't Heather amazing? This is one of the many things in her home that I have been so impressed by. Just wait... there are MANY more to come! And I haven't had a chance to even show all of mine. We've got a schedule of topics to cover as well and are so excited to show off all of our ideas and inspiration. Stay tuned, and spread the word! XOXO

  6. That is soooo great! I love it.

  7. Thank you ladies. It makes me feel so good you are enjoying the posts! I hope you enjoy what is to come.


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