Thursday, January 7, 2010

Laundry Magnets & Baskets

Laundry is a challenge for me especially when I have to do about 10 loads every week(and that is just our 4 kids). So I decided to make it a little easier for myself. I made 2 magnets for each of our kids to put on the dryer and washer to label who's clothes are in it. Now I don't have to guess
Here are the instructions for the magnets:

For the magnets I cut an image to fit the magnet (I found at the dollar store for 11 cents) and tape that image to the chipboard(same size)

Cut a piece of contact paper 1/4 inch bigger around the edge of the chipboard.

Use a pick to separate contact paper.

Lay the image side down on the chipboard of sticky side of the contact paper.

Cut a triangle out of each corner.

Fold over the edge of the contact paper onto the chipboard.

Glue chipboard to the magnet face.

Turn it over so it can dry.

You are Done! I just wrote the names of the kids on the front of the image with a sharpie pen.
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  1. So, what are you doing with the magnets? Do they go on the kid's baskets or what? They are darling.

  2. I put them on the washer and dryer.


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