Saturday, January 9, 2010

Creative Homemaker History and Disclosure

Have we LOVED our NEW Creative Homemaker HEATHER so far?? I sure have!! She is THE kindred of all kindred spirits of mine. We think SO much alike, it's almost scary!

Lately we've been trying to coordinate our thoughts and plans of what we want to write about in the coming weeks/months, and we couldn't be more on the same page! We both think of the same things and even have come up with some of the same ideas, past to present! And usually when we share our most brilliant ideas with each other and one of us hadn't thought of that one yet, we usually love it enough to implement it ourselves. We shoulda' been sistas!

So on that note, we have a whole bunch of creative ideas to share with you (and I'm SO grateful to have someone else to help share them)!

Creative Homemaker HISTORY:
When I started this blog/site in June 2008, it was mainly to have a place to release my creative energy and show off some of the things I was most passionate about. I had also spent about 6 months (prior), trying to find the perfect "system" to keep my family organized and on task. After reading/studying the book "The Parenting Breakthrough" by Marilee Boyack and talking with several friends of whom's parenting skills I admired, I created a whole job chart system that really works (with some awesome clip art that I found on PCCrafter, and a bit of my own design). My husband told me that with all the time I'd put into my system that I ought to try and market it online and take orders for personalized family job systems. So I tried it, but it took way too much time that I didn't have to give if I wanted to be there for my family. (You can look for my system on at some point in the near future.) {{winks}}

So I continued to share my ideas, projects, and "faves" until I just couldn't keep up [alone] anymore due to way too much on "my plate". I refuse to let anything come before my family and my primary calling.

Then came HEATHER... and WE are BACK!!

Our Blog DISCLOSURE (or lack thereof):
The TFC recently came out with new regulations for bloggers that say that if we make any money or receive any free products or services through our blog sites, that we must disclose this on our blog.

I am here to say that we are NOT currently making any money or receiving any freebies from this blog. I did receive a free labeler from Brother a while back for posting about their awesome label machine, (of which I do completely swear by and love, BTW). I'm an affiliate with, so if you click on OUR linky for them and purchase something, then we will get a [very] tiny percentage. I also have received a couple of gift cards from a rep of an advertising company called YouCastCorp, only posting about things that I really believe in. Other than that I haven't blogged in trade for products or money. In fact I went for so long without posting that I haven't pursued the advertising field.

Therefore, if Heather and I do what we have planned and make our readers happy enough to tell their friends about us, then we'll gladly advertise for those that we truly believe in for a small profit!! [Hint, hint] Pin It

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