Monday, February 2, 2009

Tuesday Tute and Valentine's Idea

I was on someone's blog the other night (cannot remember who's) and found a link to this cute, easy, kid-friendly valentine craft. So since last night was "Family Night" and it's Valentine's month, I decided we would have fun with this creative idea...

So we read a story together about love and service and discussed different ways we could show love to each other and to others. We talked about Valentine's time being a perfect time to practice showing others and each other that we love and care about them through service and acts of kindness. Also by writing/drawing a little note from our heart.

After we committed to use these ideas this week, we made these Valentine Pockets to hold our love notes from each other. The kids also got to draw names (of each other) whom they will focus on this week. (Next Monday we will draw again so they get to serve someone new.) These pockets were super quick, easy and fun for the kids to make! Here are the exact instructions...

"Have each family member make his or her own Valentine Pocket and hang it on the outside of his or her bedroom doorknob. During the days and weeks before Valentine Day, write compliments or put candies in the Valentine Pockets of your family members.

To make each Pocket, you will need:
-2 large paper plates (it took 6 plates for our 4 pockets, and I got the valentiney plates from the dollar store in a pack of 20.)
-A hole punch
-Red yarn (or other color)
-Decorations of your choice (construction paper, stickers, paint, markers, etc.)

1. Cut one paper plate in half. Save one half for another pocket.

2. Form a pocket by placing the half plate upside down on top of the whole plate, with the rims lining up at the bottom. Hold in place and punch holes around the edges about 1/2″ (1.3 cm) apart. (It's a good idea to draw a little mark on the inside of the whole plate at the first hole where the half plate meets.)

3. Starting near [or at] the top, lace the yarn through the holes of the entire paper plate, leaving a 14″ (36 cm) tail. With the tail, tie a bow [or knott] at the top. The yarn will hold the pocket in place on the bottom, and serve as a hanger on top.

4. Decorate the Valentine Pocket with stickers, paint, construction-paper hearts, or anything you’d like! Be sure to put your name on it.

(Here is the link to where I found these instructions.)
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  1. This has nothing to do with today's post, but instead with one from last week. My best friend in Utah has the owner of Cafe Rio as her Bishop and he told her that they are opening a Cafe Rio is Boise and Idaho Falls this year. I've been having her bug him about it forever. Obviously they aren't building one because I've been bugging them about it, but he did tell her to tell me so that I can relax.

  2. Oh my GOSH! We are getting a Cafe Rio? Boise is set! Thanks Sarah, for this exciting info! I'll have to tell my best buddy from E. Idaho as well. She will be JACKED!

  3. I LOVE this idea! How cute is that - and I already have all the supplies at home! thanks for sharing. I just found your blog - I absolutely love all your tips.


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