Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine Idea- Special Plates

The "You are Special" plate tradition was one that I found on TipJunkie at Christmas time in '07. This is just a red Christmas charger with cream-colored vinyl lettering on it. It is used (as a charger) for a designated family member to use under their plate during dinner. That person could be honored on their birthday, a good grade or for any other kind of accomplishment. Husbands sometimes deserve this too, so don't forget them!
I bought my red chargers at the '07 Christmas clearence sales at Walmart and Target. I ordered my vinyl from my friend and neighbor, Heather.

The tradition that goes with this plate is found here. I wanted to make these as gifts this last Christmas, but life got too crazy at that time! Valentine's seems like a perfect time to tell someone that you think they're "special".

Heather loved this idea too, so she came up with another idea and created this Valentine border for the chargers. This way, on Valentine's day everyone gets to be special. Brilliant!

If you would like to order the vinyl creations for either one of these plates ($3 for the "You are Special" and $3.50 for "XOXO"), you can email Heather at
and she will take great care of you! Pin It


  1. I cannot get through to Heather with the address you gave. I tried Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Suzzy- I fixed that email for you. :)

  3. I saw this on Tip Junkie, too. Love this idea. I think the Valentine plate is great! Very fitting.Thanks for sharing


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