Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Friday Faves on Tuesday- Christmas Books

are just a handful
of the books that
we keep under our Christmas tree
to be read during "Around the Christmas Tree"
and all throughout Christmas time.
This last one by Glenn Beck is new this year. Glenn was here in my town last night, and we got to go to his Christmas Sweater concert! It was incredible. This book is so moving and inspirational!

There are many more Christmas books and stories that are so wonderful. What are your faves? Pin It

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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have 3 Christmas books that have just sat around my living room, more for decoration... sad, but true. So after reading your post, I decided to ACTUALLY READ THEM!

    Last night I read this one to my kids: http://deseretbook.com/store/product/4995182 (The Last Straw) This story has been a tradition in my family forever. Although, until last year, the story was just typed (yes, TYPED) on paper (someone gave it to her). My dad made little mangers and we had a bag of straw. My mom would read us the story every year, and then we'd draw names out of a hat to see who we got to do good deeds for, for the entire week. We'd draw names each week, and every time you did a good deed, you got to put a straw in the manger. Anyway, my mom saw this at Deseret Book last year and bought it for all of us kids, so we could throw out our copies of a copy of the story. Obviously, this is the only story I read to my kids at Christmastime. This has changed, thanks to you!

    Tonight I read them "The Polar Express", and tomorrow night I will read, "The Nutcracker". And then I'm out of books.

    Thanks for giving me more ideas!


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