Monday, December 8, 2008

My Town Monday- The "Real" Santa

Who's your favorite Santa? We think the best one is at the Karcher Mall in Nampa! We tell our kids that he is the REAL Santa. We love him because he has a real beard and is so tender and personable with the kids. We also love going to Karcher Mall for 2 other reasons: It's never crowded, and the Victoria Secret store is not right next to him with women in lingerie covering the window for the kids to look at while waiting in line.

We took our kids to visit the "real" Santa at Karcher this last weekend, and there happened to be no one else waiting in line. So Santa spent time talking with each of the kids, and even told a couple of stories about the reindeer and how Rudolf's nose became red, and about things going on at the North Pole. He made the kids laugh by calling them made-up names at the end so they would tell him their real names again. Just a warm, sweet man! You can tell that he enjoys being there.
We are very impressed.

Now for a scary story. I just got an email from my sis-in-law last night about something that happened in my safe lil' town this last week...
"I just got a call from a co-worker who had a frightening experience at the corner of Orchard and Fairview on Monday night. She was sitting at the light when a man walked up to her car and reached for the door. Luckily she saw him coming and quickly locked the car because just as the locks clicked he jiggled the door handle! He kept trying to get in the car until she drove off!!! We don't think of these things happening here in Boise but now I know someone that had it happen to her!!! PLEASE be sure to drive with your doors locked and be aware of what's going on around you. He wasn't grossly dressed or anything; just looked like a regular guy until he was trying to open her car door and pounding on the window!!! She contacted the police as soon as she got home and found out that there are more and more of these cases happening here. I think it's only going to get worse with the economy taking a nosedive. Girls......please be careful, cautious and safe out there and please please take this seriously and pass it along to anyone that you care about! This happened not too far from where I live and at an intersection that I drive EVERY day!!! SCARY!"

That was copy/pasted from the email I received. Pin It

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  1. Thank you for sharing Angela! I've about given up on the whole Santa thing. The VS thing absolutely infuriates me!!! I think I'll attempt it this year! My 5yo asked me tonight (after we read The Polar Express), if we could go visit Santa at the North Pole.

    Do you know the hours or anything? Should I just call the mall?


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