Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Tradition- Twelve Days of Christmas

Some girlfriends told me about this book, The Twelve Days of Christmas by Betty Van Orden. A few of them are following the ideas in this book for a more meaningful Christmas. I don't have a copy, but I did read through it pretty good recently while at Seagull Book. It's awesome!! Betty Van Orden wrote this book after her kids were grown and raising their own families. These are the things she does for her kids to share with her grandchildren. She has different themes to choose from inside the book. You'll just have to go and check it out. It is found at Seugull Book, Deseret Book,, and I'm sure it's probably also at Barnes and Noble and Borders. Pin It


  1. Hey! Thanks for letting me spy on your blog. I love the ideas you've had! I did the brussel sprout recipe-it WAS delicious-and gone! I love getting new ideas. Thanks again!

  2. I'm doing this with the family, and it's family themed, spending time together and the kids love it and love seeing what we are doing each evening. Last night I put each of their favorite hot chocolate flavors in a coffee mug like thermos and we hopped in the car and went looking at lights!


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