Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Fun for the Kiddos

My friend, Gina just emailed me a link for Santa to send a personalized video to your kids. I tried it and it's super easy, and really cute!

Gina also reminded me of the cutest website where you can make a virtual gingerbread house. This is a good one for a bored child in need of some entertainment while you're doing laundry or wrapping gifts or something. Be careful though... YOU may end up being the one making the virtual gingerbread house. It's actually quite fun!

Okay... Check back later today for my next post. I'll be posting my 2 fave sugar cookie recipes- yes TWO recipes! (I create my posts before I go to bed the night before they post, and right now it is extremely late and I'm exhausted.) I'm behind a day on my posts because Thursday night there was something wrong with Blogger and it wouldn't let me do my post (or did I do something wrong?). I will stack some posts together to get it all in before Christmas. Stay tuned for some fabulous holiday recipes from my own kitchen, and some more holiday inspiration! Pin It

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  1. CANT WAIT! I have been looking for GOOd sugar cookie recipes...and I know yours will be perfect!


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