Monday, June 23, 2008

My First Giveaway!

I am doing a giveaway through TipJunkie. Click on this button above and it will take you to TipJunkie for the details! My giveaway will be on July 21st. So exciting!! There are tons of mom-prunuers out there with some incredible items to check out. I wouldn't miss this giveaway! It will officially start on Monday, June 30th. Don't miss out!! Pin It


  1. I saw your charts very cute! Where did you the clip art? Was it a program?

  2. Mary- Thanks! I bought the chore clipart on PC Crafter dot com. I looked at several different sites for chore clipart and loved this one the best. The faces are my own design. (I couldn't find stick face clipart to buy. Maybe I didn't look hard enough.) But I created my faces customized to my family. I am making a whole bunch more for anyone to choose from! :)(Just faces!)

  3. thanks for the help...Your family faces are so super cute...Did you free hand them? I would love to get some......


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