Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy Digging

I am not prepared with a good post right now, as we've been digging in our dirt a whole bunch this week! We were out front well after dark tonight transplanting bushes and flowers. I don't know too much about plants or landscaping, but I think our yard is looking pretty good so far. I think a few more hours of work and we will be done.

We took a few of our big, full grass bushes and sliced them in half to make 2 bushes. I am crossing my fingers that they will thrive just fine.

I have a curly willow tree out front that started as a branch from my brother's tree. We stuck it in the ground three years ago and watered it like crazy. Today it is huge! If you don't have a curly willow tree and want one, you can cut a branch off another tree, put into the ground with plenty of water and in a couple of years you will have a big, beautiful, shady tree. If you live by me, I'd be happy to cut off a branch for you! Pin It

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