Monday, April 15, 2013

Kids Jello Cups

In efforts to save money on my kids' lunches; 
I'm making and stocking up again on the Jello Cups.

I mix the jello according to the package and then
 put the mixture into these 3 1/4 oz. Portion Cups
[I get the portion cups at a local store called Cash and Carry but Costco sells the 2 oz. size]. 
Out of 1 package I can get 8 cups worth.
Store bought= $2.00 + tax (for 8/Walmart pricing)
Homemade=    $0.68 + tax (for 8/ Walmart pricing)

It will add up too quick so this is a great savings. 
Plus you have the option to mix flavors if you're feeling wild and crazy!
I LOVE saving money!!!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! I am going to be doing this ASAP with pudding as well! Awesome idea! I was just looking at your post from 2011 of your pop up redo! I have been thinking about doing that to our camper this summer as well!

  2. That is great. I also like that you could add fruit or other items that your kids would like.

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