Monday, June 18, 2012


I love using the alphabet for different things.
Our 9 yr old mentioned the other day that we should do activities for the summer using the alphabet. I will list each day (Mon-Fri only) of some activities that would be fun to do with that letter.(I will try to post the pictures I can get of the activities we do.)
Have a Great Summer!!!
Today is letter A.
1. Eat "A" Foods: apples(anything with apples), acorn squash, alphabet soup/cereal, almonds, animal crackers, angel food cake, avocados, apricots.
2. Crafts with Apples.(MS idea)
3. American Idol: sing on the wii.
4. Ancestors: learn something new.
5. Address: does your child have yours memorized?
6. Airport Games
7. Aluminum Cans. Collect them and take them to be recycled.
8. Make an Ant Farm. Buy a kit from the craft store and then collect some. This would be a good opportunity for a lesson to teach because Ants do a great job working together.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the rest of the alphabet! :)

  2. You inspired me only I'm not as organized and I only have time to do one letter each day before school starts! Ahhh! I'm writing about it on my blog- with credit to you of course!


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