Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ABC Summer "B" Day

Today is letter "B".
1. Eat "B" Foods: bacon, bagels, baked beans, bread, bananas, beef, berries, biscuits, blueberry pancakes/muffins, bran cereals, bread sticks, bread pudding, broccoli, brown rice, burgers on buns, buttermilk, butterscotch pudding (BELOW: blueberry muffins & biscuits made from mixes just add blueberries)
2. Wear Brown, Black or Blue.
3. Bike ride.
4. Bowling.
5. Bean Bag games.( I gained the idea from a catering job we did for a graduate)
Drill 3 holes into a top board (21 3/4"x36").
Build the frame with 2x4's (3 @ 18 3/4", 2 @ 36"). I used my brad nail gun and wood glue.
Put the top board on.
Cut 2 leg pieces(11" long). I did a slit angle cut (15 degrees) so it would sit better in the grass.
Painted with stripes.
I used these bolts(about 4" long).
Drill (13/32 bit) into the side and leg.
Attach the leg with the bolt and a washer in between.
 Game directions: Place the 2 Toss Boards away from each other(you choose the distance) and let people line up on each side. Taking turns they throw the bean bags to the opposite toss board. If it lands anywhere on the board its 1 POINT, in the holes are marked with the point value. The bean bags just go back and forth. 
6. Bubble gum Blowing contest.
Getting Ready.
1 piece of Bubble Gum
5 pieces of Bubble Gum 
(I think it could have gone bigger but I had to hurry & take it- 4th try)
7. Blow Bubbles.
8. Make Butter.

Gather a 2.5 oz. baby food jar. Fill 1/2 way with heavy cream, 1/8 tsp. salt 
& 2 small marbles or 1 large marble.
Shake . . . . Shake & Shake some more (about 5-10 minutes).
Almost there. 
A little more then you can take the remaining liquid out and use the butter. 
9. Block Building.
 10. We did the best Service Project today: painting Beads for Ben's Bells. Its a nonprofit organization wanting to spread the message to "Be Kind".

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  1. Thanks for all the great ideas!! I can't believe you do all this in a day! I'm planning weekly letters right now, so these ideas are very helpful. I'm going to feature you and your alphabet days on my blog sometime soon. Do you have all your alphabet days easy to find all in one place?
    Thanks for the inspiration! little-inspirations.blogspot.com

  2. Brittany- thanks so much for your sweet words. Yes some days seem to be really full. the whole alphabet will be in the labels of "Kids" & "Summer Fun".
    Thanks for visiting and have fun doing the activities.


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