Thursday, June 28, 2012

ABC Summer "I" Day

Today is letter "I".
1. Eat "I" Foods: ice cream, ice, iceberg lettuce, Italian bread(but anything Italian will make the day)
2. Make Ice Cream .
3. Ice skating.
4. Ice blocking.
5. Iron crafts.
Using your stencils, trace onto the freezer paper. I left space under the "initial" so they could write their name.
Cut out the negative paper of the image with a knife.
Iron (cotton setting) the freezer paper onto the fabric. Make sure there are no bubbles or the paint will seep underneath.
 Paint your design. We used Creamcoat acrylic paint.
After it has dried, you can either frame it or add more fabric to make a mini bag. 
6. "Initials" of child.
7. Indoor campout.
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