Thursday, June 28, 2012

ABC Summer "H" Day

Today is letter "H".
1. Eat "H" Foods: ham, hamburger, hash, hawaiian haystacks, hot chocolate, honey butter, hoagie sandwich, hazelnuts, honeydew melon, hot dogs
2. Hike.
3. Hula Hoop contest.
4. Hide & Seek game.
5. Hair Do styles.
6. Horseshoes(play at the park)
7. Hospital-do some service.
These are the Baby Blankets(out of sheets) for the NICU. They are always in need of blankets so this would be a great project to do all year long.
I got some fabric from my mom and soft bed sheets(from the second hand store). Cut the fabric & sheets to 45"x 45". Pin right sides together. Sew all the way around.
Then turn the right sides out, iron then stitch all the way around again. 1/2" seam.
Pin a square in the middle so you can stitch it, it will help the fabric to not bunch up.

 All Done!
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