Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Truffle Turkeys

I'm finally done with these Truffle Turkeys-they took a little longer than I thought but they are soo cute! I'm putting these on the plates as a decoration but it also serves as a party favor.

Base: Cut a piece of cardstock 2 1/2"x4". Fold in half.

Feet: Use the flower punch and cut according to the picture.

Feathers: Fold a coffee filter in 1/2 then in 3rds. Ink the outer edges with the brown ink pad.

Staple the feathers on and glue "dot"(scrapbooking item) the feet.

Body: I used #8 as my stencil. When I cut it out I cut the bottom half a little bigger.

Ink around the body edge. Draw a face[this is all the time I could spare].

Make the truffle balls. I rolled mine in almonds to cut down the super sweet taste. Put the Truffle candy in clear plastic bags.

Glue "dot" it all together. You could add some raffia if so desire.

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  1. Those are SO cute! If my Mom ever lets me host Thanksgiving I could see those happening. :)


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