Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dear Parent. . .

I sub a lot in Primary[partly because I'm in the Stake Primary but also I need the blessings so I rarely say no].
As I have taught, the kids say the cutest/profound/funny/well thought insights about the lessons.

I am truly amazed at how much they really know & how tender their little hearts are.
I want their parents to know of the wonderful things that I get to hear. {I know I'm always curious what our kids say when we are not there}.
During the lesson, I wrote down things they said. Then later, I wrote a little note card to the parent. You could give it to the parent or send it to them. (Us parents NEED more FUN mail these days-I know I do).

I know we need a little positive boost every once in a while letting us know we are doin' good in one way or another! Pin It

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  1. Do I say this everytime...YOU ARE AMAZING! You have such a great attitude and you are such a blessing!


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