Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tin Foil Dinners

We've been up camping, a handful of times already, this year. One of our most favorite things about each camping trip is our first meal there- Tin Foil Dinners. Our kids even ask for them now, even when we are not camping. We love them!

HOW do YOU make your tin foil dinners? WHAT do YOU put in them? Please leave me a comment on this. I am always looking for new ideas.

HERE is how I make OURS...

Mine consist of these items:
Heavy Duty tin foil
Raw hamburger meat (lean ground beef)
Cream of mushroom soup
Potatos- peeled and cut small
Carrots- peeled and cut small
Frozen white corn
Dry onion flakes
Garlic salt- lots!
Pepper, olive oil, other herbs or spices I think of adding in, etc.

I peel and cut up the veggies (into small, bite-sized pieces so they will cook faster with the meat). I combine all the cut-up veggies, frozen corn, and dry onion flakes into a large bowl and mix them together with a little bit of olive oil.

I tear off a piece of tin foil and lay it flat. Then I spoon out some cream of mushroom soup (right from the can) and smear it onto the foil in the center. I put about a cup of veggies down first (on top of the soup).
Then I grab some raw hamburger and flatten it like a patty to put on top of the veggies. (Big enough to cover the veggies and about 1/2" thick. I sprinkle LOTS of garlic salt over the meat (and some pepper) and top it off with another cup of veggies. Then I dollup another spoonfull or two of soup over the veggies and fold up the foil to seal it all in. After wrapping it once, I get another piece of foil and wrap it again for better protection in the fire.

I make them big so we can all share. We cook these foil dinners right in our campfire. DELISH!! Clean-up is super easy with this meal. I love it for camping!! Do you make foil dinners too? What do you put in them??

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  1. these are my favorite things in the world!

  2. I also LOVE foil dinners. I love them so much that I do a lot different versions. Here are a few:
    1. pretty much the same as above, but I sub the soup with bbq sauce.
    2. Sometimes I do a chicken & potato one with onion soup mix, mixed with the potatoes & carrots.
    3. In the winter when I am not making a fire, I do crock pot foil dinner casserole. I fry my hamburger, then layer potatoes, carrots, onions, meat then gravy mix which is cream of mushroom soup & brown gravy powder. Then I do another layer of each. I LOVE THIS QUICK DINNER!!

    Like I said, I LOVE FOIL DINNERS!!!


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