Friday, July 29, 2011

JOY in Service

We took hold of the greatest SERVICE opportunity today.

Our friends [a few houses down] are moving back east. We are going to miss them. They are some of the most kind people we have come in contact with. Today the movers were packing up the last of their things.

The kids & I got our cleaning supplies(I buy my home friendly ones here) and headed down to do some cleaning.

I made these aprons awhile back to wear and hold their cleaning bottle & rag.
Tutorial to come.

I love the JOY that comes from helping others & seeing a Smile on their face. How Rewarding!
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  1. That is so great. It's so nice to chip in and lend a hand and getting the kids involved gives them a sense of accomplishment and they can reap the joy as well! Great job.


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