Monday, June 20, 2011

{Summer Time} Idea Container

Now that our kids are out of school we can have some Summer Time Fun.
Even though we will have the lazy days of summer, we still need some consistency. I'm going to refer back to the the schedule I made last year but add the twist of more outdoor games. I want us to enjoy the beauty of the sun & nature.

We bought this container(at a local restaurant supply store) for our concession business but haven't had a need for it lately so I'm putting it to good use. The lid is labeled with the days of the week(with stickers).

I thought it would be fun to have ideas for each day (except Sunday) where we could play different types of games. The idea categories. . .
Monday- Games with Round objects (balls/balloons & beanbags)
Tuesday- Games with water
Wednesday- Games with recycled items
Thursday- Games in nature (park/birdfeeders,etc...)
Friday- Games with a race
Saturday- Games on the sidewalk(chalk) & flashlight games

I will try to post any of these game ideas I do but most of them come from Family Fun Magazine.
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