Tuesday, June 29, 2010

{Summer} Schedule

I love the summer break for many reasons. I didn't want to repeat the long days like last summer where the kids played wii and watched TV all day & then bickered about everything because they were on each others last nerve. So this year I came up with a Summer Schedule to follow so we have some consistency & less chaos. It has been working great & they are excited to see what we are going to do for the day.

Each Day
7am-10:30 Breakfast/Kids Free time/ Mommy Free Time
10:30-11:45 "To Do" Time(exercise/crafts/errands)
12:00 Lunch

I got this magazine from Walmart. I needed some quick & easy meals. I don't like to spend alot of time in the kitchen in the summer. This magazine has recipe "cards" to take out.
12:15-1:30 Water Activity ( we have a pool by our house which is free so we go there a few times a week, others days we do : sprinklers, water balloons, water "tags",anything with water)
2:00-4:00 Quiet Time/Mommy Time (this is a must! The first hour they have to be in their rooms by themselves & the 2nd hour they can do something quiet together but if they talk to me I tack on more quiet time.
4:00-5:45 Activity Time(we pick an activity to do from the jar-love these marshmallow jars they have such grreat shape)
[make puppets, go to different parks, play new card games, puzzles, playdough, games, make cards, make up fairy take stories, sidewalk chalk, play sport games, etc]
6:00pm Dinner
7:00 Reading Time(we all read something)
7:20 Church lesson/game
8pm Free Time (until bedtime)

My kids have been happier not only because we have things to do but that I'm spending quality time with them. Even though some days are a challenge for me because I want to get other things done; I remember the smiles I put on my kids' faces & the good feeling I have when I go to bed & its all worth it!

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  1. This is a great idea! I think I will implement it next summer when I have energy to actually think of activities and go places. This summer I am prego so staying inside is what I have to do. Unfortunately my kids want to stay inside with me at all times. I wish on days when it is nice they would venture outside more.

  2. I also came up with a schedule for the summer, but I didn't schedule in time for cleaning, so after a week I had to re-do the schedule :)-It is so crazy that your guys summer has just started and I feel like ours in almost over!! HOpe you enjoy the rest of it!!

  3. Springrose- Being prego I don't blame you for wanting to just relax. But good luck next year.

  4. Kimberly- I'm glad to hear you have a schedule too. It makes things so much easier. With year around school I do feel like we are "late bloomers" but it sure makes the summer go pretty quick. Pack lots of memories in a short time. Its great!

  5. you don't happen to have a spreadsheet with a list of summer activities that you cut up and put into that jar do you? Always looking for new ideas!
    love the schedule, thanks!


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