Monday, June 28, 2010

A Princess Party!

My little girl turned 5 recently, and wanted a Princess Party.  So I ordered up a princess!  This is Princess Keatan, my neighbor who was crowned PROM QUEEN at her senior prom last month. She was such a saint for doing this for me!!!  Her DRESS was perfectSHE is beautiful, and her TIARA finished off her character perfectly! (Not to mention she was so cute interacting with the little party guests.)  Oh, that sash on my daughter says "Birthday Princess" and I got it from Target for $2!

I invited all the party guests to come dressed as a princess (boys as superheros).  We played some princess games such as "pin the crown on the princess" and the "royalty walk" (like a cake walk, only we used pictures of princesses and princess STUFF).  Then I put sparkles and lipgloss on the little princesses.

Then Princess Keatan showed up and surprised everyone, including my little birthday girl...

We had the girls sit down for a little Q&A with a REAL princess!  They asked cute questions about her castle, her prince, etc. Then we lined the LITTLE princesses up to get their picture taken with the princess. They had a ball.

For prizes in their loot bags, I went to the Dollar Tree, 

Michaels craft store,

and Walmart.

As another favor to take home, I made sugar cookies in shapes of stars and hearts and poked scewers in them to make them look like princess wands. They turned out okay (to my liking), but the kids loved them!
Here is the "TUTE" for my cookie bouquet.

With our little girl as PRINCESS for a day, we naturally had to be the King and Queen!!  Thanks Burger King!  All I had to do was glitter-glue some fancy designs on these BK crowns and tac on some fun jewels.  

For the cake, I did this one...

I am making the thank you cards out of the pictures I took of each little girl with Princess Keatan. 
This is my LAST Birthday Post for our Creative Homemaker birthday month. 
Have a FABULOUS week!!
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  1. Very Cute, I love all the decorations! and that cake is darling. I did a princess party for my daughter last year, since her birthday was in November, right after Halloween I found an Adult size Cinderella costume for $7.00, and had a friends daughter dress up for the party. I love these young ladies who take time to make our little girls feel special!

  2. This is such a great idea. Our girls will turn 5&6 within a few days of each other this year...I could see them loving a princess party. Thank you for sharing.


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