Monday, April 11, 2011

Making Dinner Sucks

YES... I AGREE... Making dinner DOES suck. I hate making dinner... especially now-days, since I'm not eating the same thing that my family is. And I STILL have to PREPARE their food, while eating my own little planned-out meal. It's not easy! In fact, last week I found myself panicking a little each time one of my kids would tell me they were hungry. Or when I thought about making them dinner.

My friend, Amanda is so ispiring to me! She started a blog a while back called Making Dinner Sucks, to motivate herself through her journey from hating to cook... to hopefully enjoying cooking good meals for her family.

Her blog has recently turned into a journey of healthy, clean eating habits in her home. You've got to go check out her story! She amazes and inspires me to no end!! I need Amanda to come help me clean out my pantry and fridge, then take me grocery shopping.

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