Monday, February 21, 2011

Local Thrifty Find for Scout Moms

My friend, Maryann just told me about an awesome store called "A Scout is Thrifty" in Nampa, and I am SO grateful! (Located at 201 N Kings Road #102, Nampa, ID; Open M-F, 9am-5pm. Buy/Sell/Trade new and used scout uniforms.)

Everything at the Boy Scout (BSA) office store is OUTRAGEOUSLY priced in my opinion. At this {scout uniform} exchange store I was able to buy both my son and husband each a scout shirt for a total of $7!! They are used and not perfect, but these are scouts we're talking about here. A scout may be thrifty, but a scout can also be pretty rough on his attire!

Everything is used, so they have great prices for the more gently used clothing and clearance prices for the not-so-gently used.

I bought off the clearance rack. There's a little bit of Badge Magic glue on one of them and a tiny hole in the back of the sleeve on the other.

This place has racks stuffed full of scout clothing from boys' to men's sizes.

And they have a rack of women's scout leader shirts. They also have used kerchiefs and patches and other misc. items as well.

If only I'd have known about this place before paying $30+ on each of my boys' cub shirts at the BSA office! That is why I am trying to get the word out and save you all some money. If you are not from my town, you might Google "Scout Exchange" and see if you can find one of these places near you. I wish I would've thought of that sooner!
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  1. Oh my, I am sooo jealous!! I am a den leader in Cub Scouts and the Advancement Chair for our Boys Scout troop in our ward. We are always in need of uniforms.. I have been hunting every DI here in Utah for them.. Sure wish I was there to snag some.. We still need like 3 more scout shirts... Oh, well thanks for sharing.. :O)

  2. I too recently found out about this place. When we have a scout need, I'll be heading there first. Thanks for sharing.


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