Saturday, January 1, 2011

A JumpStart on the New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

As I have put all the holiday decorations away I've noticed that our home needs a little extra love. We do the regular cleaning but I think its time a for a deep clean. I'm thankful our kids have the opportunity to clean (& they do a great job) but their version of clean is a little different from mine. Now that they are going back to school it will be a perfect time to roll up my sleeves & get to work. I would like to think spring/summer is a perfect time to do the "spring cleaning" but we just are too busy. That is why I'm excited that if I do it in Januray it will start the year off right(I'd like to do it again in August but we'll see how that goes. . . ).

So I don't get too overwhelmed I'm going to take a room{bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms, closets & entry way} a day. I thought this list was pretty helpful. I'll just add to it to fit our home.

I don't love to clean but I sure do love the end result & the accomplished feeling of a job well done!

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