Thursday, January 6, 2011

{Gift Giving} Binder

I made this binder so I can keep track of all the celebrations we need to Give Gifts for. Often times I will make a gift but sometimes I buy one or just get one from my secret "stash" hidden in our room(good buys I found at discount stores or items that had discounted prices).

To put in the monthly tabs, I printed out a calendar to record all the Birthdays, Weddings, or other special Events. The nice thing about the calendar is that you can write in the little box: the recipient, & the gift item (date is already there). Then you just print one up each year and tuck it into the binder in front of the year prior. This way from year to year you know what you've given so you have a less chance of repeating a gift(unless its a gift card-I don't know who would pass those up!)

For December I added an extra pouch for Christmas gifts(to family/friends/neighbors). I try to take a picture & place it in there also.

To remind myself I put all the events on our big calendar(color coded of course). I stamp a birthday image so that it stands out a little.

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  1. Your amazing!!! the things you come up with to organize!! love it0thanks for all the great ideas!

  2. thank you so much! I hope this tip comes in handy for you.


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