Thursday, December 2, 2010

Service GIFT

Since life is crazy right now I want this season to be one that we get back to the main reasons of Christmas.

We are going to add a twist to the tradition we do with picking family names for a gift. Instead of doing a "gift=present"(we ususally set a $ limit of what we would spend for each other), we are going to do a gift but in the form of SERVICE. All month long.

After we pick our names, we will all write down any thoughts {about the person, ideas on how to serve this person, about this Christmas season & what we each hope to learn}. During the month, I'm going to encourage the family to write down experiences {moments, feelings} Then at the end of the month they could put them in photo book holder (walmart for $1.00).

I really believe you love those you serve. I hope this is your season also.

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