Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Teaching My Children Work, GRATITUDE and Service- Part II

I haven't done a lesson on GRATITUDE yet this year. But I found 2 different lessons on Lara's blog... Gratitude/Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving and Service and will do one of them for FHE next week. We do have a family tradition that we started a few years ago that we enjoy during the month of November...

And my 8 yr/old daughter came up with this idea all on her own the other day... (a paper chain counting down the days until Thanksgiving, havning written something she is thankful for on each link)

Sometimes I like to show my children pictures from the web of children/families in 3rd-world countries, and pictures of our soldiers that are over seas right now protecting our freedom.
Here are some great links that I've found...

Gratitude Tree (MyHeartandHome)
Thankful Jar (Little Birdie Secrets)

And some great video clips...
THIS one, and the one below...

And don't forget to check out all of our past THANKSGIVING inspirations as well. Check back tomorrow for what we did the other night for our FHE lesson on SERVICE!

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