Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday Tute on Turkey Traditions

I mentioned last week about my poster that I made last year for the month of November... Well, here is finally a picture of it. (I've been looking for it all week, but finally found it yesterday just in time for "family night".)

How to:
1. Draw a bare tree on a poster board and put wording on it. (I used fall leaf scrapbook paper and traced the letters from some other cardboard ones I got from the scrapbooking store.)
*I think I drew the tree, then painted it brown with my craft paint.
2. Get it laminated.
3. Cut orange, red, yellow and brown leaves with a die-cut machine. (I just used the school's machine and brought my own paper.)
4. Have a family lesson on Thanksgiving and being thankful. Have everyone think of everything they are thankful for and write (or draw) them down on the leaves. Then tape the leaves to the tree. Every day add leaves to the tree as a family and talk about what you are grateful for.

My friend Jessica made something similar a year or two ago. Instead, hers is a turkey with thankful feathers. You can see how she did her's here.

Now it's your turn... I want to learn from you, so please send me some of your Thanksgiving ideas and traditions! (email is on the right sidebar) Pin It

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  1. I love your craft ideas! I just got called to be the assistant den leader for the cub scouts. I need help coming up with some Christmas crafts. Do you have any in mind?


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