Friday, October 1, 2010

Conference {Blankets}

In preparation for General Conference coming I wanted to make our kiddos something special.

To be comfortable, our kids like to have their blankets and pillows ready to go. I thought it would be fun starting this Conference to have a special Blanket to use.

I just got a flannel sheet(these are nice and soft) at the the second hand store(for only $1.99-Target's were $19.99). Fold it in 1/2 so it measures about 44"x62". The beauty of using a sheet the edges are already hemmed so you can just start pinning them to sew. Start with the long edge first then do both sides then the "fold" side.

Then pin a straight line of pins 20 1/2" from the short ends.
Stitch around edge of "Blanket" and stitch 2 horizontal/vertical lines(so that the blanket doesn't buckle in the middle).

Cut letters for the child's name to stitch on to the corner. I used my stencils as a guide. You could do this before you sew the sides together but I like to do it afterwards so it will give an added strength.

I think I will have them do their handprints or add symbols to what that conference was about. Then add the date.

These are work in progress!
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