Thursday, September 16, 2010


We had the best Stake Girls Activity Day Camp today. Since I am in the Stake Primary Presidency I was in charge of this activity & with help from above(& other inspiration) it was a great success.

[This group picture was asked to be removed-sorry]

The theme [Stand Firm] came to me and I knew it was perfect for these girls at this age preparing to go into YW's. We then talked about how to Stand Firm -Physically & Spiritually.

Since Angela's kids are in Karate, I asked if Cody & Hailey would show some great tips on how to defend yourself and then the girls were given the opportunity to try the techniques. What a great way to be prepared Physically.

Then we talked about some of the ways to be Spiritually prepared. 1-Articles of Faith (especially #13). 2-Scriptures (Heleman 5:12) and putting on the whole armour. 3- Proclamation to the World for the Family. 4-And keeping a journal(pictures below). We then gave the girls time to pass off the items in their book.

After they were done passing off we had "Ask a Beehive". I think these girls are going to be so excited to go to YW's. The Beehives told of so many great experiences.

Our dessert at the end of the night(sorry pic is sideways). A cup full of "mud".

Just a side note: For the Proclamation part I was really impressed to share with the girls about this article & the power of theProclamation. I have chosen to memorize it like Professor Hill. So I made a handy cheat sheet to help me.

Plastic Name Badges found at the dollar store but I also have seen them at Walmart in the office supply area.

Shrink a copy of Proclamation down(65%) so it can fit in the protectors with double sided paper.

Tie it up with some ribbon for the "book" effect. Great to keep in my purse or pocket.

Our journals: compostition books at Walmart (.25) covered with scrapbook paper. Inside was the Proclamation and space for the group picture(made copies for each girl at Walgreens 1 hour).
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  1. Can I just say you are AWESOME! What a terrific idea! I hope I can find the sheet protectors now!
    Love ya lots

  2. Heather thank you so much for this activity. It was exactly what Madison needed. You are so amazing at anything you touch.

  3. Thank you Wendy for kind words. I'm so glad Madison came away with something from going to this activity-that was my hope.

  4. It's against LDS church policy to post pictures of activities on personal websites. Will you please remove the group picture?

  5. "anonymous"-I hope I did not offend anyone by this post. I was truely excited how this activity turned out and wanted to share. I guess I am unaware that that was a church policy. Could you please educate me with the link or manual to where this policy is. Could you please email us with the specific concern as to why the picture should be removed. Are you a concerned parent? I do appreciate this thought provoking comment.


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