Monday, September 20, 2010

Great BOOK!

I have been borrowing these books from our Library from this author. She is amazing at writing. I'm having a hard time putting these books down. [I even take it in the car and when there is a red light I see how much I can read. I can read almost a page and a half. I think that's a good use of time].
They're set around the 1890's. Even though its fiction, there's history, inspiration & romance. Its fun to be in a different "world" at times but how things have changed.

Anyone else read any good books like these?
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  1. So I'm a Blog stalker, but there is another series of books that I just love. The first book is calles "These is my Words" by Nancy Turner. By he way, I love your blog and get lots of ideas from it.

  2. You might also like Ruby by Lauraine Snelling. It's the first in a series of four.

  3. thanks ladies-I'll check those out!

  4. I too read "These is my words"...TOTALLY opened my eyes to how easy we have it with modern conviniences and couldn't put it down! It's the first of 3 in the series. It's in journal form so it makes the story seem REAL-ER .. if that's a word?! :D


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