Monday, September 13, 2010

Karate for Kids

I have a couple of kids that really enjoy the martial arts! They've been training in the Black Belt Club (TaeKwonDo) with the ATA program here in Idaho for the last year and are about half way to earning their black belts. This is such an OUTSTANDING program that has enforced many life skills in my children, such as SELF-CONFIDENCE, PERSEVERANCE, RESPECT, HONOR, INTEGRITY, and LEADERSHIP; just to name a few.

I would highly recommend this program to ALL families, children and adults alike! It's a great workout and provides wonderful mental results as well.

In MY town THIS WEEK our studio (in Meridian, ID) is hosting a BRING-your-BUDDY promo. Our friends can come try a class for FREE! They even have a cool deal for a 5-week trial for only $59 that comes with a FREE karate uniform and belt! FUN!! If you live in my town and would like to try this out, but do not have a BUDDY that goes to KARATE FOR KIDS in Meridian (Franklin/Linder) then just show up to a class and tell them you are friends with the CREATIVE HOMEMAKER. You can go HERE for a class schedule!!

Also, they have the best KICKBOXING classes around, as well as KRAV MAGA. Awesome studio. Awesome owners. Awesome instructors. Awesome workout. Just plain AWESOME!
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