Friday, September 3, 2010

{Baptism} Memory Book

This Saturday our youngest daughter is getting Baptized. We are so excited and to cherish this event I made a keepsake for her: A Baptism Memory Book.

I got this binder (at Joanns on sale) and personalized it.

Here is the inside pages. . .

Where her program goes & Baptism promises using a penny from this year.

Her favorite things & handprint.

Leaving space for pictures of her in the Baptismal clothes with her dad (title on left says" I want to remember this day"-also for her to write down her testimony & feelings about the day) & pictures with some of her leaders(Bishopric/Primary President/ Stake leaders).

Fun shots with family & friends. The rest of the blank pages will be for the guests at the Baptism to write their testimonies/thoughts. I will also add my testimony along with my husbands.

I love that it will be Special for her on her Special day!
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  1. I can't believe she is 8 already!! What a fun idea-I am so excited for Aliya to get baptized I have so many fun things I want to do :)- Thanks for the great idea to add to my collection (hehe)

  2. Heather,
    THIS is an awesome idea! You make me wish I had little ones around (okay for a minute or two...LOL)
    I love the Baptism promises and I will be using that in seminary! Thanks for sharing your fun and AMAZING ideas. You are a brilliant mom and I am so grateful I can call you family! Wish we could be there!


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