Monday, August 2, 2010

Your Prayers Please!

Today I'm just asking for some miraculous help from above. Will you help me? My young sis-in-law Lindsey (married to my baby brother, Aaron) suffered a brain aneurism yesterday (Sunday 8/1/10).  

Lindsey is in the ICU right now.  She is conscious and responsive, but there's been a lot of bleeding and you can tell it has effected her brain. She's in good hands, but there are still lots of tests and answers we are waiting for.

Can I ask YOU to PLEASE PRAY for a fellow wife and mother, LINDSEY today? 
Help us call upon the powers of heaven in her behalf. We are beside ourselves, but we are comforted by our faith and knowledge that our Heavenly Father hears our prayers.

Thank you, friends!!

*Update: (Tuesday 8-3) Lindsey was moved from "Intesive" care to "critical" care this morning. She's able to eat and is becomming more aware as time passes. She has a long road ahead, but she's absolutely amazing and we know that she'll fight for a complete recovery!! Thank you for all the prayers! Keep 'em coming!

**Update: (Sunday 8-8) After spending a few days on the neuro floor, Linny was moved (on Friday) to the rehab ward, where she will undergo lots of physical therapy.  The droop on the right side of her face is now minimal.  Her motor skills with her right hand are improving, and she's been up walking (with supervision of course).  She is determined to be outa there by the end of this week, but we will see. 
We continue to pray for Linny, and we now pray specifically that her brain will heal on it's own.  (If not, she will have to have radiation which can cause other risks and increase the possibility of recurrance.) 
We have been so grateful for the Lord's tender mercies and healing power through prayer and the priestood.  Lindsey is still herself.  Her darling personality was not affected by her stroke, nor was her fighting will to live and heal.  She is a walking miracle, on the [long] road to recovery.  We are eternally grateful!

***Update: (Wednesday 8-18)  Lindsey's story is miraculous.  I believe in miracles!!  To get all the latest updates in my brother's own words you can visit his blog HERE.
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  1. Praying for healing for Lindsey and peace and strength for you and your family as you wait.

  2. I'm praying for Lindsey and your entire family.

  3. I talked to Aaron this morning. Give him a hug from me when you see him. Thanks for posting this! If I hadn't seen your blog I wouldn't have known. We have said lots of prayers and will continue to keep praying for Lindsey and all of you.

  4. Praying for her, you, and the rest of her family.

  5. Praying for your sis in law and family.


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