Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Camping Scavenger Hunt For The Kids

We have a camping family reunion soon, and I was asked to make up a little scavenger hunt activity for all the children. The little cousins range in age from 2 yrs to 11, so I had to come up with something suitable for everyone. I went online searching for ideas, but just couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.

The little cousins can't read yet, of course; so I came up with my own scavenger hunt list with pictures that they could understand. Since this was just a family activity, I just Google Image searched for the pictures I would need.

HERE is a FREE copy for YOU. Enjoy!!
(Click on image to enlarge)

Anyway, I made this picture list, printed it off, then attached it and a pen to a paper bag. Fun!

*Here's a list of what's on my chart above
(row-by-row from top-to-bottom):
Pine Needle
Green Leaf (extra points for biggest and/or smallest)
Brown (dead) Leaf
Plant with Root
Leaf Eaten by Insect
Sharp/Rough Rock
Tree Bark
Smooth Rock
Pine Cone
Wildflower (extra points if you know the name)
Wild Berry
??Treasure not found on list!??
Blade of Wild Grass
Tree Twig
Empty Pop Can
Broken Glass
Plastic Wear (extra points if find all 3)
Bottle Cap
Plastic Water Bottle
Bug/Insect ((include small 'sauce' container w/ lid from restaraunt))
Piece of Rope
Bullet Shell or Casing
Bird Feather

*Update: 8/5/10 FAB RESULTS! We did this with the kids at our family reunion this last weekend, and it went over very well! The only thing I wished I'd done differently was to add "or pop can tab" to the spot with "bottle cap" (pic below). Anyway, the kids had a blast searching for the items on their scavenger hunt lists. The older cousins (as well as parents/grandparents) got to help the younger ones. It was an all-around great activity for our camping reunion. My sis-in-law even gave out prizes at the end to the ones who found the most things.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that your post will be featured on the Econobusters blog tomorrow!

    Thanks for posting this. Sounds like lots of fun!

  2. Great idea! I'm featuring it tomorrow, too. :)

  3. Thanks Jennifer and Brittany! :o) XOXO

  4. love this angela! we will be doing this when we go camping this month. my kids will love it.

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  6. This is the perfect idea for my 3 year old for his first camping trip this weekend! I do wish you had made the printable. :)

  7. Camping is the thing to do to get fresh air away from the city. The exercise is more fun than work.
    Jerry Jones
    RC Controlled

  8. Hi, I was wondering if you still have the file for the scavenger hunt, and would email it to me? Pretty please? We are camping with friends this weekend, and this is a perfect activity. Thanks so much.


  9. This is supercute! The only thing I'm taking off the list is the bullet shell/casing and the broken glass - two things I would not want my kids touching or even looking for. Otherwise, this is perfect! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I love this! I'm with Pamela though, could you ever send me the file?!? I would love to do this with my Functional Science class.


  11. Headed to Big Sur tomorrow. Is there anyway I could PLEASE get this pdf? I'd love to use it with our kids!! Such a cute cute cute idea :))

  12. Love it!!!!!!! Thinking about using this great idea to keep kids busy between cerimony and reception at our wedding :-)

  13. My friend pinned a link to your scavenger hunt idea onto Pinterest, and I had to leave you a note about what a GREAT idea this is for kids of all ages. My high school daughter and middle school son will LOVE this!

  14. Great idea, but I would add a caution on the wildflower. It is illegal to pick wildflowers in most public parks. I'm sure you would be fine on private land with permission.

  15. This is such a great idea! We are hoping to do it on our Montessori School camping trip next weekend.
    Any chance you can email me the pic file you put on the bag? We have many on the trip who aren't readers as well.

  16. I was wanting to know if I could get this PDF file from you. We are heading on a week long camp trip and this would be a blast for the kids!

    1. Yes, me too! Please...we are goin this weekend as well.

  17. Could I trouble you for a PDF, as well:! What a super fun idea!! We are going to try it out with a large group of kids over Memorial Day!

  18. Found the pdf download. Thanks! This IS really awesome.

  19. I would love to feature this on that be ok?

  20. Thanks so much for this. It is just what I was looking for for my Daisy troop this weekend at camp!

  21. This is so cute. I was wondering if you could send me the PDF file? My family and I are going on our first camping trip this weekend and this would be perfect for my 4 y/o son. Thanks

  22. Can you email me the pdf?

  23. What a fun idea, and you designed it so well. Thanks so much for sharing!

  24. I have done a similar thing for years during family reunions, and the kids are now all college age. I just update the list to include more adult things - signatures from neighbors, beer bottles, catch a fish, make sandals from "found" items in the woods. Construct a north woods "hat". (Best incarnation was a baseball cap with twigs sticking out like antlers). This activity never ceases to provide fun and laughs for all concerned!

  25. would love the pdf file....great idea!!!
    thank you-

  26. My kid only experienced scavenger hunts on coloring books until last week when I arranged one for him. He was so excited because it was his first time looking for things and finding clues around our backyard. This activity proved to be a good way to bond with family members and a fun way to spend the day. And I also think that it’s helping him sharpen his curiosity. I’ll keep you posted if ever I think of some new ways to incorporate on a scavenger hunt.

    Rosalinda Hone

  27. How can someone get the file without having to install other programs on my computer? Your files keeps trying to have me download a livid program. Thanks

  28. Hi :) I went thru all of the steps to download the file, but it is an .exe file not a pdf file so there are no images, just a lot of letters and symbols.

    Is there a way I could also get a pdf from you for our children to use?

    Thanks bunches :)

  29. What an awesome printable for a scavenger hunt! Thanks so much for sharing it! I featured your post and photo as the Free Printable of the Day at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page (and on Pinterest).

  30. LOVE this idea! Just wanted you to know it was featured on our site today: Thanks so much for sharing!!! XOXO, The Dating Divas

  31. Hi, love this idea. I'm going camping in and i tried to download the file but nothing is opening. Could someone please send me the PDF thanks.

  32. Hi, love this idea. I'm going camping in and i tried to download the file but nothing is opening. Could someone please send me the PDF thanks.

  33. any chance I could get the pdf for the outdoor scavenger hunt emailed to me?

  34. I'd like this pdf.... mweese73atgmail

  35. I'd like this pdf.... mweese73atgmail

  36. This is a really great idea & not just for camping either!

    One thing to remember though is that most public lands such as parks and campgrounds have regulations against damaging or collecting plants, animals and natural resources.

    Check the rules at your chosen location or check with the park ranger to make sure it's ok before pulling plants out of the ground or leaves off trees. And teach the kids to identify poison ivy and oak!

  37. I have log cabins that I rent nightly for family vacations outside of Branson, Missouri, this is great idea for family time for them too! Thanks for the great post!

  38. My daughter does childcare during training sessions for a nonprofit music organization and we're always looking for activities for kids from 3 yrs to 10 yrs. She loves this idea! She's making the bags for our upcoming training session. My only change will be remove the broken glass item. Thanks to the wonderful post. :-)

  39. This is darling! Thanks for taking the time to share. I also have a family reunion, and I'll just switch out a few of your items to make it a little more location-specific. It's so sad when kids start to lost interest in stuff like this.

    Jenn |

  40. Really?! Broken glass???!!!

  41. Goodness, take the broken glass of your personal list if it's such a big deal. Great list, glass included ;).

  42. Love this! We are going camping this weekend. Would you please email me the pdf? Thanks!

  43. Thank you for sharing! The glass and ammunition shells/casings and the rest of the litter are great conversation starters on how to be good stewards of our forests. For those of you downloading the PDF from the link beware of the misleading malware links!

  44. A pdf sent to would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!


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