Tuesday, June 22, 2010

{Rewards} for Chores

Lately when I have asked my kids to do the everyday type Chores they have grunted and groaned(with the weird looking face) to even do them. So the other day when I got my Family Fun Magazine I was thrilled to read an article(I would link the article but couldn't find it on the site) that inspired me to try something new. She got some jars, put her kids' names on them & printed up a job list using a "stone" point system. Each job had a certain number of "stones" they could earn. For example:brushing teeth = 1 stone, unloading dishwaher = 3 stones. But if they choose to treat others unkindly they get some of their stones taken away. When it was full she rewarded them with going on a date with a parent, money or something else. I think this will be perfect for my son who is finally potty training.
I am so excited to try this, this summer.

I got these containers & "stones" at the dollar store and put their pictures in them.

I glued ribbon to decorate the lid.

This is the side view with the "fill line" and the "stones"(looks like Boomerangs). I think I'm going to explain the meaning of a Boomerang & relate it to chores.

My four kiddos & their jars ready to go.

What types of rewards do you give your children for the everyday chores? Pin It


  1. I love it! How adorable. Did you get the "stones" at the dollar store too?

  2. I LOVE this idea!! I also read that article in Family Fun!! We are trying it at our house too, but we are using marbles and mason pint canning jars. Yours are much cuter!! So how did you come up with your list and how many "stones" each are worth. Would you be willing to share your list?? Thank you!! Renee

  3. I am getting to this post a little late I see, so how has it been going using this method? My son gripes and complains so much that I feel like a warden and sometimes think I SHOULD just let him go outside and play.. he's a kid. BUT... he's a big (10) boy and he can definitely handle some responsibilty. I am going to start this asap! Thanks.


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