Monday, May 3, 2010

New Poll- What's Everyone Driving??

What kind of "Family Cab" do YOU drive around in?
Go vote in our new poll on the left sidebar. Feel free to share your thoughts on this post!!

Here are my thoughts...
Right now I drive an SUV, which I do like (esp. because it's paid for!). But what I'd really like to be driving... a decked out Honda Odyssey with all the bells & whistles... auto sliding doors, rear camera for backing up, leather seats, stow-n-go, navigation... ahhh someday.

Some gals I know wouldn't be caught dead in a van of any kind! They are missin' out in my opinion. My cousin, Holly S., is one HOT mama [of 6 kids, mind you]- (those of you who know who she is would most certainly agree with me!) And guess what she drives?? A big ol' 15-passenger van. When she steps out of that thing in her stilletos, I just wanna say "YOU GO GIRL"! Pin It


  1. I have always hated vans. Until last year when we took our tax return and bought a Windstar. Doors that slide open at the push of a button? Niiiice with 3 kids under 6! And that's just one of the many, many reasons I've fallen in love with minivans. I don't see myself driving anything else!

  2. I used to say I'd never drive a mini-van...then, we had to look at a second car on a VERY tight budget and I ended up in an old beat up astro van, who's back sliding door doesn't even open...and I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE! It has nothing automatic, but that works just fine...the kids crawl in and out of the front doors so usually only my door is unlocked. I can easily climb in the backseat to help buckle kids, and it hauls a TON of stuff. Even better then my suburban because it has more head room.

  3. I used to also say I would never drive a mini-van. I loved my Honda 4 door CAR but having 4 kids I LOVE having a van now. There's so much more room for Everything and the kids' friends. I won't go to anything else until I'm old & gray or this van dies.

  4. I had to click the 15-passenger van on the poll button, although it's really only a 12-passenger. 15 years ago when we went looking for something to fit our family of 8, the only options were Suburbans and full-size vans. Suburbans were too expensive, so that was that. When our 1994 van died, we replaced it with the same 2005 model. It seems kind of silly now with only two kids at home, but we still use it a lot (wrestling team, youth group trips, and kids home for the holidays), so we won't be getting rid of it anytime soon. It actually drives much easier than the F-150 the teenagers get to use.


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