Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Brooch

I found this cute idea and decided to make a brooch for my mother for Mother's Day. It was so easy to make and so CUTE!

1-Trace a circle on the fabric using a cup.

2-Pin right sides together and stitch around the edge.

3-Turn inside out and iron flat.

4-Fold at the bottom. Stitch to stay. (For the next flower I think I'll fold less over.)

5-I glued mine to a wooden disc(folding a little under).

6-Finished gluing.

7-Cut a smaller circle, cut slits and fray edges.

8-Glue a metal accent for the middle(I got this piece from a belt).

Now I'm so excited to make me one to wear this Sunday! Pin It


  1. Very cute and creative! I am presenting you with a Sugar Doll Blog award later today! Please stop by and accept!
    Joy @ mommaskindacrafty.blogspot.com

  2. thank you so much, you are too sweet.


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