Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mall Scavenger Hunt

Since it was raining today this was a perfect activity for the indoors. We went to the mall for a scavenger hunt. We divided up into groups each having 45 minutes to find the items on the list. At the end everyone received a prize(gummy bunny teeth) but the winning group got a little bigger prize (whole pack of "egg" gum).

I had all the boys so this army man was perfect!

Rules: All items were 1 point except on a few. Only 1 item per store.
List of Items: credit card application, perfume sample, mall map, store catalogue, sale flyer, discarded receipt, clearance sticker, hanger, hair salon price list, food sample, gift card envelope, disposable toilet seat cover, sample of lipstick, shoe box, business card-3 points extra if name is Jeff or Tim, shopping bag-3 points extra for the largest one, paper napkin-2 points extra if there is a logo, blue eye shadow-3 points extra if each member of the team is wearing it.
Bonus -10 points: sing "itsy bitsy spider" with someone walking around, take a picture of everyone wearing a hat or purse, all the kids in the group take a picture with a mannequin.

After we would find something on the list we would give them a little "Thank You token"(a piece of paper that says thank you with a smiley face).

FYI tip: Some of the stores didn't believe in us doing this and were a little rude. Let's hope they were just having a bad day.

We did get to see the Easter Bunny though-what a surprising treat! Pin It


  1. What a great idea. This would make a fun birthday party.

  2. Thanks for inviting us! We were going to come, but we were at my parent's late Monday night and I decided to let the kids sleep in! It looks like a lot of fun!


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