Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kids Door Decorations

Since I love to decorate for the Holidays our kids wanted to make more decorations for their rooms.

This is what they have on their door everyday {just beads and wire to form the letter}.

This is what we did for Easter. We found a picture in the Oriental Trading Magazine that was a sticker. I just used a template of an egg and traced it into a wreath on wood (but you could use posterboard) and cut it out. They had fun painting them for today's craft.

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  1. I love the way your kids designed their door. I wonder what my son did with his St Louis doors. He loves football so i guess he'll have it with black and white.

    We're doing repairs in St. Louis and this weekend aside from doors, I'm expecting a St Louis guttering service to help me with our roof. I need to decorate it as well for Christmas! Ow, I'd like to see your door decoration this holiday! I hope you can post some.


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