Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ang's FHE Board & Wheel

Isn't Heather's FHE board awesome? Everything she touches turns out absolutely beautiful. She is so lucky to have a vinyl cutter, and let's her creativity go crazy with it! I do not have a cutter, but I get by okay without.

Here is my FHE board...

I created this wheel about 3 years ago, and it has worked out wonderfully for my family!! I ALWAYS use clipart for all my charts, because it helps the little ones who can't read yet. Hence the reason I created this one. It's made out of cardstock, laminated, and has magnets on the back for sticking up on the fridge or whiteboard (as is above). And it's totally easy to make!

Here's how:
First grab the right supplies, including 12x12 cardstock (can use 8 1/2x11 for the top one).

1- Draw circle with this tool (forgot what it's called). I set it at 4 inches for the top (smaller) circle. Hold the tool in place with one hand and turn paper around with other hand. *Mark where you had the center-tip of tool!

2- Now use the protractor and place the center exactly over the dot in the middle. For 6 sections, put small guide marks on "0" and "60", then the next "60" and next "0". Then rotate the tool and be sure to measure/space between the 60's and 0's.

3- Now you are ready to use the ruler and connect the dots to make your 6 even sections.

4- Cut wheel out along the outline of the circle.

5- REPEAT all steps for the larger circle, this time setting your circle-making tool at 1/2 inch bigger than the smaller one (mine was set at 4 1/2 for the bigger one).

6- Look through old Friend magazines for cute illustrations to cut out and glue on. (You might have to color-copy to resize the picture.) There is also some really cute clipart that you can find on

7- Now label each section by either typing/printing/cutting out/glueing on the words, or vinyl lettering, or just writing the words under each illustration. *Also write family members' names on the bigger (bottom) wheel.

8- Laminate!! Then poke holes in middle of each circle. Put together with a big brad button (mine is 25mm). (I got vinyl letters to say "FHE" on the brad button.

9- Stick some magnets on the back and you are done!! Enjoy! Pin It

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  1. Angela! I am so un-crafty. YOU will have to teach me the FHE wheel in person. I love it!!


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