Tuesday, March 2, 2010

{Our} FHE Board

Our FHE Board is hung in our living room to use and remind us that Monday Family Night is so important in building our relationship as a family.

The board measures 20 inch x 24 inch.
The top 6 inches = our name,
the next 9 inches = a magnet board where we put a scripture, quote or topic title that go with that weeks lesson and a picture of Jesus (which I just took a calendar and laminated a picture to rotate for every month of the year).
the last 5 inches = FHE jobs (using scrabble tiles & Shrinky Dink)
Our board works even though our little boy(who is 3 1/2) tends to rotate our little faces often. I love that in our family we have chosen to make it a priority to spend time together and build that bond that will last forever.
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  1. a great idea! I like how you have a part of the board for lesson visuals to keep up during the week. A great indirect teaching tool to follow up the direct teaching during FHE. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is very cute and original.

  3. Hey there! So glad I found this AMAZING BLOG!!! I love this board, but was curiouse if you sell past crafts you have made? I was at Angela Giles the other day and would LOVe to get a FHE board that you made her. Contact me and lets chat:) artolman@msn.com

  4. Yes, Amber. I'm working on getting a ESTY shop up and going.


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