Monday, February 8, 2010

Family Valentine Pouches by Angela

Last year I let the kids make their own cute Valentine pouches, which I still have... but this year I thought I'd come up with something different and unique.
A short while back I bought this bathroom organizer thing at the Dollar Store (found in the toiletries section) just because I thought I could use it somewhere in the house. I hung it on the back of my bathroom door but never got around to filling it with anything. I'm glad I had it because it inspired me to turn it into something fab! So... first go check the dollar store for this organizer thing...

It has 9 pouches on it (one on top and 8 going down). We only have 6 in our family so I simply snipped off the bottom 2.

With Valentine scrapbook paper on hand, I had to measure each pocket before cutting so I could get an accurate fit. (Remember, this from the dollar store so it's not perfect. All the pockets were just slightly different in size by a quarter of an inch here and there.)

Now you can cut the paper with a straight cutter.

Slide the paper into the pockets.

After you have them all in their places, just take a gluestick to the top part of the paper and stick it down.

I used this scrapbook paper (that I bought at Craft Warehouse in Boise) and cut some of the small squares out to put over some of the corners where I glued down the paper.

This other scrapbook page (found at Craft Warehouse too) is so cute with 12 Valentine cards on it. I cut them up to use in the top pouch for decoration.

I happened to already have some red satin ribbon, so I simply fed it through the holes at the top and tied a bow to hang from. Then I just garnished it with one of the Valentines I cut from the big sheet and a little clothes-pin I had. Here is a closer-up look at the finished product...

Oh, and the name plates... I got the "bookplates" and lettering from Marie at! Thanks Marie!!

I'm not as efficiant as Heather when it comes to the Valentine ideas for the kids. I'm lucky if I can get something, anything in their pouch before they arrive home from school. My valentines to my kids each day (for only the one week leading up to the 14th) consist of a piece of paper cut into a heart with a short note on it, taped to a small (party favor-like toy) or peice of candy. Works for us! Pin It


  1. Oh, I've been looking for a way to do a family valentine exchange...this would be perfect! I was just at the dollar store too! I may be making a trip out a little later :)

  2. Love, Love, Love this!. I did something for the kids but then my husband and I don't have anything. this would be great! Thanks for the idea!


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