Thursday, December 31, 2009

Embracing the Moment

I love how pictures capture moments in time. Whether you take them yourself or with a professional they are still priceless!

My sister is a professional photographer and takes breath taking pictures.

One day she set up her studio stuff in my living room and the kids had a blast and felt like they were movie stars.
She took this picture of my kids' feet and she mentioned I should put the scripture found in 3John 1:4 {I have no greater joy than to hear my children walk in truth}. It turned out amazing.

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  1. Yes... I love Fabiana's work!! We need to show off some of her stuff on this site!

  2. HOW did you write the scripture on there? Did you use vinyl or print out from computer? It is beautiful!

  3. What a CuTe idea! Love the pic and the scripture!
    I would LoVe to feature it on ...but I just wanted to ask first :)
    Let me know what ya think!

    Thanks again!


  4. I printed the scripture in vinyl.

    And yes stacie share the love. Thanks for asking. And could you please put a link to our blog.

  5. Ok...I have read so many places other bloggers that say they printed stuff on vinyl. Maybe I'm just a little slow? How do you do that? Does it come in sheets for your printer? Where do you get it? Or do you have to get some big roll of vinyl and use a certain kind of printer? I'm so confused! LOL. Any more tips/info on how to do this would be GREATLY appreaciated!!

  6. Browns- I have a special machine that cuts the vinyl but I have heard that you can put the sheet
    (15"x15") of vinyl in the "cricket" machine. Then you have to use a type of "masking tape" to transfer the image onto where you would like it.


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