Thursday, December 31, 2009

"After" Season Deals

I love great bargains!!! After the Holidays are my favorite but the school ones are just as good.

I was at our local OfficeMax tonight {looking for 2010 planner refills} and came across the "end caps" and saw 1 inch ring binders for $0.20 {they're slick but vinyl will work great for the subject name} and cute 2 pocket folders for $0.50 {which would be $1.97 and up at Walmart}. I stocked up for next years school supplies. What a DEAL!

I know all the stores put the marked down stuff at the back but I don't mind looking. I have bought after season stuff now for a couple of years and then use it the following year. Its a great system. Why pay full price if you don't need to. Although if I really "need" it then I will but buying after the holiday sure does cut down on the decision making.

Have fun bargain hunting!

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  1. Wow my family has the same tradition. They just went there today! Thanks for the post!


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