Friday, February 20, 2009

Two Great Things!

Hi ladies... #1. I am so excited and just have to tell you about my couponing success this week!
First of all, I went to an Albertson’s gas station yesterday and got 20 gallons of gas for $26.58 (a $10 savings, because I got 50 cents off per gallon!). This was from the points I had already accumulated on my Alby’s preferred card previously. {giddy}

I went to Alby’s early this morning and got $358.24 of groceries for $93.28! That’s a $264.96 savings! I paid pennies for some of it, and even got 4 of the items FREE! Yay!! It’s all because of coupons. I think I’m finally starting to figure this couponing thing out, though I am still a beginner!! I get better each time I do it. The key is to just jump in hands-on and take it slow until you start to feel more comfy. This time ‘round, I think I might be getting a better grip on it, and it feels good. Now mind you, I’m only talking Albertsons at this point. I haven’t doven into Walgreens or Rite Aid yet!!

#2. Come join me in "Finding Joy in the Journey"!! Go to my personal blog for more info. I am starting this on Sunday! Pin It

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