Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time.. Where Does It Go??

There are never enough hours in a day to accomplish everything I'd like to. Okay, I am going to lay it all out and keep it real for ya... Am I alone, or do any of you...

-have a TO-DO list a mile long?
-don't get near enough sleep at night?
-can't seem to make it to the gym or treadmill every day?
-find yourself so busy taking care of everything and everyone else that you put yourself on the back-burner?
-wonder if you will ever be on time to anything?
-can never decide what to make for dinner each night?
-feel relieved on Tuesdays because it's 1/2 price Happy Meal night at McDonald's?
-wish "Alice" would appear at your doorstep and ask to move in so she could do all your cooking, cleaning and laundry?
-feel like the computer sits there across the room calling your name, only to find yourself an hour later consumed into the blogging world again? (enjoying every minute, but feeling guilty for it)
-needing to sit down with yourself and re-group? prioritize? just plain think?

I really hope that you can identify with at least 2 of these things I mentioned above. I think the last week or so of blogging burnt me out a little. I have so many fun things to show and share near the holidays, that I can't even help myself! I need to slow down and take a breather.

I've decided that to fit myself into my daily schedule, and work on accomplishing the goals I've set for myself this year, I have to spend my "Me-Time" more productively.

In order to put my kids' mom and husband's wife back on my priority list, I need to get to bed earlier so I can get up to exercise and shower before my kids get up. I need to take the time to eat healthier and drink more water throughout the day. I need to spend a quiet time alone every day to study, pray and ponder, to strengthen my relationship with the Lord. I want to spend the time I need to master the art of couponing and work on building our food storage. I need to stop to recognize the little things that bless my life, instead of hurrying through the day to accomplish my next task.

With all that said, it's time for me to prioritize my time for what is most important in my life.

1. Me- health- diet & exercise/personal study time
2. My Husband and Children- "The most important things in life, aren't things."
3. My Home- cleanliness and order.
4. My Calling in church- Primary President
5. Couponing & Food Storage- (one of my goals for '09)
6. My & Kids' Journals- keeping up (and my personal blog)
7. Everything else that has to do with my family, my church calling, and my home.

10. The Creative Homemaker

As you can see, this blog has to be at the bottom of my list right now. I will try and post at least twice a week. But if you stop by and I haven't posted in a while, I hope you will understand. :) And I hope you will keep coming back. I can't bear to let The Creative Homemaker die! :) Let me take a few days to re-group. I still have blogging ideas bursting out of my head, and plenty more to share with you, so keep visiting. I just need to be able to post when I have extra time, not when I have a sink full of dishes, a pile of laundry that needs attention, and sleep needed at night. Please tell me you can relate in some way! :)

Here's another idea... Would any of you like to be another author on this blog? Email me at Thanks for listening. XOXO Pin It


  1. Yes I can identify and have found myself spending way to much time in the blog world...letting other more important things slip by! Love your honesty and willingness.
    I've made myself do a morning routine before the computer comes on...that helps!

    My morning routine:
    *Make bed
    *quiet time
    *open cutains/light a candle/fire in fireplace
    *start laundary
    *Decide on dinner

    Then one hour on the computer while doing laundary! Multitasking! :D

  2. i can totally relate! it's even so bad with the guilty blogging that my husbands comments on my "focus"...oops!!!
    i LOVE your site, i hope it stays alive too-although your priorities are completely worthy and realistic!
    (just don't forget to mention when the next BIG other mother's sale april right?? i need to make a BIG trip to boise and i would like it to conveniently fall during that weekend ;)) hope you don't mind my request...
    oh and suggestion...when you have your free time you can schedule your posts to be published even when you can't get to it that day-i'm sure you know that, just a thought.
    good luck with everything!!

  3. Even though I am living nowhere near the Boise area now, I love reading your blog and getting the good old Idaho feeling. Your blog is a very cute blog and I totally know the feeling when you say it has to take a back seat. I read somewhere that we as human beings are like rubberbands. We can stretch in all different directions but sometimes we get stretched too far and that is when we get snapped back and need to start fresh and reprioritize our lives. I hope that you are able to take sometime and really focus on what is imporant to you. Thanks for all your tidbits.


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