Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Tip- Festive Little Treat

Here is a cute little treat idea, that you can surprise someone with to wish them a happy Thanksgiving. Or to attach a note to, expressing your gratitude to/for them. I bring these to the gals that I visit-teach every November.

It's a little, tiny pie! I get them in the Walmart bakery section for 58-cents each. (Walmart is the only place that I've found them.) They are about 4 square inches in size. They come in several flavors such as peach, apple, (all) the berries, pumpkin, lemon, pecan, and even chocolate eclair! They even have some sugar free kinds. Just tie some raffia or jute around the cute box with a little tag, and you've got yourself a festive little treat to give to someone special. Pin It

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  1. These are really cute. My son loves it when I put one in his lunch on field trip days. He fells really special. His classmates are in awe. Their mom doesn't give them a whole pie. They are so little and tasty.


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